What if money were no object? (a visual representation of the life philosophy of Alan Watts)

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A Crisis to Address: Why the Senate’s Discussing a Democracy Amendment


The political crisis of confidence created by an activist Supreme Court’s decisions in cases such as Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FCC is beginning—finally—to garner appropriate consideration from the US Senate. That’s important. What’s even more important is that it is focused on the proper response to the crisis: amending the US Constitution in order to restore the right of citizens and their elected representatives to organize elections where the vote matters more than the dollar.

I feel like pretty much everyone in this country, left or right, should be able to get behind this, yeah? 

What’s at stake is more important than the predictable wrangling between Republicans like Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (who told the subcommittee that leveling the political playing field would create “preferential treatment,” presumably for non-billionaires) and Democrats like Senator majority leader Harry Reid (who argued that it was not the intention of the founders of the American experiment to “give corporations a vote” or to “give dollar bills a vote.”) And it is far more important than the petty posturing by those such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz—who seem to imagine that the founders wrote a free-speech protection into the Constitution in order to guarantee that the wealthy would always be able to shout down the poor.

[Ted Cruz] went all in at Tuesday’s hearing, demanding to know: “When did the [Democrats] abandon the Bill of Rights?” And claiming that the amendment “would give Congress the power to ban books and muzzle movies.”

I, uh, I guess not. Huh. 

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Getting Through Darkness


If you have suffered a great loss or, if you struggle with depression, the painful feeling is extreme and unrelenting. You need to find a way out of the darkness. Unfortunately, the only way out of the darkness is through the darkness. In order to get through the darkness, you need courage. You…


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The Old Gnostic Words


You mortify your own pneuma and glorify the mud which is your sarx. Sarx is not the body; soma is the body. Sarx is the flesh of the body. The body is made of flesh - as the word was reputedly made flesh by the birth of Jesus Christ - but the body is more than the flesh that makes it. The sum is greater than the parts. Even a spiritual naïf like you must understand that a chicken dinner is not a chicken.

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The Opiated Botanist.


The Opiated Botanist.

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